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Every journey must start with the first step... here we go. Step one: thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey. I hope we will learn things together and amuse ourselves along the way. This blog is where you will see pictures of the progress as the studio comes together, and where you will see new artwork take shape. I look forward to your feedback and ideas.

After a divorce in 2014 I was adrift, unable to make my work having neither a studio nor a steady job. Then in 2015 I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to be the executive manager of our local professional orchestra. I was able to buy a house last November; finally I had a home again! Then in January, without any notice BOOM! my job was suddenly ended. What a kick in the head! I loved our musicians and our audience, but the job was gone, so what to do next?

It was always my plan to get back to making art when I retired from the orchestra, but it became necessary to move up that plan to right now. Suddenly here I am, on this unexpected new journey.

The modest little house below is my refuge, and my hope. Everything is on the line, but really, when isn't everything on the line? That's life, so let's get down to living it.

It's time to make art again.

My modest home, and future site of FireMonkey Glass Studio.
My modest home, and future site of FireMonkey Glass Studio.

I plan to update this blog weekly. We will see how that goes. Let me know what you think. Be sure to remind those you love that you love them every day.

Nothing matters more.

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