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One Week On

Wow, it has already been a week since I launched the website and began my campaign to re-build my glass studio. Thanks to eleven generous supporters of FireMonkey Glass, monkey beads are flying out to places as far-flung as California; Texas; New Mexico; New Hampshire; Seattle; and Herefordshire, UK. Several of the beads are staying here in upstate New York, in Corning, Savona and Ithaca. Get a monkey (or any bead) and we'll add your town/state/country to the list.

One thing to remember: purchase any glass from this site by the end of the day Thursday, May, 31, and get FREE SHIPPING and a LIFETIME 10% OFF all future purchases from the website.

Today I will be adding new beads to the store, including works from my Sputnik, Branched, Lozenge, Bubbles and Blob series, as well as one-off experiments. I'll also be adding non-monkey character beads, including bears, foxes, demons and devils and even a rarotonga tiki bead. I welcome your feedback. Subscribe to the blog for news, promotions and updates. See you next week. Cheers!

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