This bead was handmade by me!

It is about 2 3/8" long.

The Branca  (branch) series are made with two or three bands of color, tapered into a bicone shape, with glass bumps or nodes added in matching or contrasting color; sometime these nodes are murrini, and have a color or pattern in cross section. After the bead is annealed to room temperature, I grind and polish some the bumps/nodess/murrini, which creates a truncated branching effect. Each bead takes a lot of work, and is incredibly fun to make.

Red & Black Small Branca

  • These beads are made from Effetre glass from Murano, Italy, and are individually hand sculpted in the 4500˚ F/ 2480˚ C flame of a torch. Each bead is carefully annealed (a controlled cooling to alleviate internal stress in glass) and because of their design and shape, they are surprisingly strong. Each bead is unique; you will get the individual bead that you select.